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Information is one of our greatest resources. PharmaTex Research, LLC conducts clinical studies and drug research to collect vital data about health, medicine and the human body. Our clinical research facility invites participants to help us in our research. You can aid the cause by volunteering for a clinical study today.

Our multi-specialty clinical research facility is dedicated to collecting accurate and vital data for pharmaceutical research. Our goal is to provide treatment alternatives to patients in need while furthering pharmacological and device research, which will ultimately have a positive impact on our community at large.

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I think what was one of the most remarkable things was how invested many of the citizens of Amarillo were and being involved with the trial and enrolling in the trial. Without having patients that are willing to participate in a trial, it just doesn't happen and you don't get the results that are so important to have. And so, I think much of the credit goes to the patients that enrolled in the trial and were willing to help us identify a treatment that now we know is something that's effective for patients in the future that may develop an infection,"
- Dr. Mark Sigler, assistant professor of Internal Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Texas Tech Physicians Pulmonologist & Critical Care Physician

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Clinical pharmacology is an essential part of the medical world. By testing new drugs, we can determine what works and what kind of side effects people should expect. Our research is integral to the pharmaceutical world.

Our work includes:

Performing trials on patients with COVID-19

Doing the last bit of leg-work before FDA-approved drugs are made public

Coming up with thoughtful approaches to novel solutions

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You can sign up to participate in a drug trial. We'll let you know which drugs we are currently testing and the kinds of patients we're interested in. By contributing to our research, you can help yourself and your community. We provide cutting-edge treatment in a safe, practical environment right here in Amarillo, Texas.